Cyberpunk 2077: How to complete The Bad Reputation

We detail how to complete the missions The Bad Reputation, Down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, The Hunt and Some Good Men in Cyberpunk 2077

In the following missions we will discover more about the background of one of the possible romances of Cyberpunk 2077 and we will get a unique iconic weapon. As part of this comprehensive guide, we detail how to complete The Bad Reputation, Down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, The Hunt, and Some Good Men.

Bad reputation

After receiving the call from Peralez we will have to go to meet him and analyze the neurodance that he offers us. There are several important points that we must scan from the edit mode before exiting it:

In the second 00:15 of the sound track the conversation of the mayor.
On the visual clue at 1:00 the killer at the door.
Also on the visual track, two seconds after the previous one we will have to scan the video surveillance screen next to the door.
After we finish the conversation we will call River Ward and meet him at the right burger joint. Afterwards, we advise you to first interrogate the murderer’s boss and then meet with the police contact. Both steps are very intuitive. You only have to bear in mind that when the Claws of Tygre wait in River’s car we should not get involved if we want it to be solved peacefully, and that when the source of the policeman runs out we just have to chase him where he has gone.

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Once we are in the Red Queen’s Raze we can choose to stealth or direct combat to reach the elevator that is hidden inside the container in the center of the ground floor (we will have to scan it). On the ground floor, following one of the two tactics mentioned above, we will look for the computer in the back area of ​​the club to gather information and, optionally, we can question the head of the local gang. The following scenes are purely narrative.



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