Cyberpunk 2077: How to Complete Space Dream


We detail how to complete the minor secondary gigs of Cyberpunk 2077 Space Dream and The Workman’s Waltz at 100% to get Platinum

In these secondary Cyberpunk 2077 gigs we will meet new characters and participate in new confrontations. As part of our complete guide, we explain how to complete Space Dream and The Worker’s Waltz.

Space dream

This minor secondary gig will only be available after you have completed << I will dance on your grave >>. We’ll have to talk to the homeless people near the Rancho Coronado gas station in the next building. To get the briefcase we can:

Buy them the briefcase
Threaten them with constitution
Select the pager dialog option
To unlock the computer in the briefcase, we can go around the building and look for a corpse near the container that has a spike or simply use our intelligence attribute. If we choose the second way there will be fewer enemies in the next phase. We will find the coordinates of the next phase in the computer file called launch.exe.

To obtain the capsule, we recommend you approach the area from the southeast and kill the enemies one by one and stealthily in a clockwise direction from the parallel pipes. Then we just have to pick up the landing capsule to complete the job.


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