Cyberpunk 2077: How to complete Somewhere


We explain step by step how to complete the secondary courses of Cyberpunk 2077 Somewhere and Today I can not get up to 100% for Platinum

In these secondary Cyberpunk 2077 gigs we will meet new characters and participate in new confrontations. As part of our complete guide, we explain how to complete Somewhere and I can’t get up today.

In some place

We will have this work available after we have completed << The walk >>. We will go to Jossie’s garage near the Rancho Coronado dam and scan the crashed bike and examine the desk to read the track on the laptop, as well as a photo of lovers Josie and James.

We can talk to James in Japantown. He will be sitting on a bench north of the bridge that connects to Kabuki. Remember the date that he is painted on said bench, as it is important to the mission. The next stop will be the subway station that is south of Memorial Park (North Glen), where we will scan and follow the bloodstains to the alley where Joise’s body is found behind a container.

To conclude the mission we must go to the North Industrial District. Josie’s secret garage is across the road from the All Foods warehouse. The code to open the door is the date of the bank at the beginning of the mission, 0214. You can keep the motorcycle inside and tell what happened to James to finish the job.

Today I can not get up

In order to complete a mission we will have to have advanced the investigation of << The bad reputation >> until we reach the Japantown market. In addition, we must bear in mind that we will have to pay a considerable sum of money to buy the neurodance that we need. We will acquire it from Stefan at the exit of the market in question. After paying we will follow you to the nearby room.

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We will wake up in the den of scrap dealers and, when we go out to the first room, we will have to neutralize one of them, hide his body in the bathtub and pick up his weapon. Our team will be in the main room, specifically in the ticket office on the right wing. You can get there violently or stealthily, always bearing in mind that the area is heavily guarded. Once we have recovered our belongings we will take the elevator to return to the street and we will return to Stefan to face him. Regardless of the destination we decide for him, we will obtain the same reward.


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