Cyberpunk 2077: How to complete Return


We detail how to complete the main works of the epilogue with Panam from Cyberpunk 2077 Return, The Howitzer is going to explode and 100% welcome

During the next missions we will run into powerful enemies, so we advise you to be well armed and equipped. As part of this complete guide, we detail how to complete Return, The Howitzer Will Explode and Be Welcome, of the subplot with Panama.


This mission is practically narrative, so you don’t need a lot of prompts to complete it. We will simply have to follow the instructions and, after talking with Alt, keep in mind that we can talk with Mitch to practice our driving and with Cassidy to participate in a shooting competition. After that, we just have to warn Panama that we are ready.

The Howitzer is going to explode

In this mission we will have to advance with the Panzer, shoot down the drones that are pursuing us and go ramming barriers to break through. When the time comes, we will have to fight weapon in hand against several waves of enemies, so we recommend that you go well equipped. We advise you to use grenades, optimize the coverage and finish them little by little to have a chance to heal in between. When the most powerful squad arrives, we will have the Panzer available again, so it should not be difficult for us to kill them using the different types of attacks of the machine.


After the conversation with Mitch, Panam and Saúl inside the tunnel, we will have to activate the drill to enter Arasaka. Once inside, we must advance close to the wall on the left to avoid the guards and climb the stairs at the back. After the second ladder, we can go through a grid.

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Once in the control room, we will have to wait for the two guards to finish talking to be able to kill one stealthily while Panama finishes the other. In the following rooms we will be able to advance calmly because we will have Alt’s coverage. Of course, we advise you to prepare well before opening the garage door since in the fight against Adam Smasher we will be alone.


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