Cyberpunk 2077: How to Complete Imaginary Storms


We detail how to complete the secondary gigs of Panam Imaginary Storms, The Last Wagon and That Side of the Road in Cyberpunk 2077

These missions are important secondary gigs both because they influence a possible romance with Panama and because we can obtain an emblematic weapon. As part of this comprehensive guide, we detail how to complete Imaginary Storms., The Last Car, and On That Side of the Road.

Imaginary storms

Twelve hours after the main job << I have a passenger >> that important secondary job will be unlocked. Before starting, we warn you that the mission may fail if you decide to go to the Shiv camp on your own and do not meet with Panama within 24 hours or if you decide to go with Panama but go to another site or do not go to the meeting point.

After the phone call we will go to the camp and use the scanner to familiarize ourselves with the environment and scan key elements. We can take action through direct combat, but keep in mind that if the alarm sounds, reinforcements will come and that one of the guards has an iconic weapon that we can pick up if we kill him. We can also look for a stealth infiltration route in line with our highest attributes (we recommend technical skill because it opens up many simple options), always keeping in mind that Saul is in the basement. After taking Saúl to Panama, we will only have to do two simple actions to provide electricity and heating to the temporary shelter.

We can enjoy the following scenes, keeping in mind that our actions can influence a possible romance with Panama. We detail them in their corresponding section.


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