Cyberpunk 2077: How to Complete How We Changed


We detail how to complete the main works of Cyberpunk 2077 How we have changed, They will not be able to stop us and Rhythm of the night at 100% for Platinum

During the next missions we will run into powerful enemies, so we advise you to be well armed and equipped. As part of this complete guide, we detail how to complete How We Have Changed, They Can’t Stop Us, and Rhythm of the Night.

CP-22 How we have changed

This job is activated when we receive a call from Takemura to meet with him. Once at the Channel Street docks, a meeting will take place in which our answers will not be decisive for the plot. Afterwards, we will go with Takemura to see Wakako and we will wait to receive another call from the Japanese to begin the next mission.

CP-23 They can’t stop us

We will meet with Takemura again and he will give us an infected spike that we will have to test in a nearby security room. If you have enough build you can force the front door and, if not, you can always sneak through the raised grill on the left. After connecting, we will return to Takemura and we will have to decide if we accompany him to recognize the area or not. We advise you to do so as it will influence our relationship with the character, which may change the ending of V’s story quite a bit depending on other upcoming events. We’ll also discover new things about Jackie if we send his body to Viktor.

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If you accept, you will appear at the Arasaka Industrial Park and you can scan the area. In addition to the elements highlighted by the scanner itself, we recommend highlighting:

There is a sentry only on the left side, outside the perimeter (You can talk to him to open the door for you if you are corpo).
On the road in the far left is an Arasaka van. If you are going to investigate that area you can sneak into the facilities with it.
To infiltrate the polygon we can use one of the routes mentioned above or go up through the boxes that we have to point out during the reconnaissance. We recommend that you use stealth for as long as possible, since the place is full of enemies. Each of the routes has an access point to the warehouse at the back where the float is located that we have to alter: if you convince the sentry you can sneak in through the double door on the left, if you opted for the van you can do it through the roof and if not you can always opt for the main door, being careful with the security cameras. Try to move forward calmly and make the most of the large amount of coverage the scenario offers. It is also advisable to mark enemies to track their movements.

When we have connected to the carriage Takemura will indicate that we can exit through the roof. Thus, we will have finished the mission.


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