Cyberpunk 2077: How to complete Death will visit you


We detail how to complete two fundamental works for the plot of Cyberpunk 2077: Death will visit you and OP Nighttime. 55 Nº1 (point of no return)

During the next missions we will run into powerful enemies, so we advise you to be well armed and equipped. As part of this complete guide, we detail how to complete Death and Night OP will visit you. 55 Nº1.

Death will visit you

We will go to the right place and knock on the door four times. Once inside, a cinematic will take place and we must escape from the place. You can take a detour to rescue Takemura (if you don’t, Takemura will die and won’t appear at the end of the game). To do so, we just have to take the path to the left when we see a neon blue cross and go up two floors up the stairs. Also, if before this you go up to the top floor you can find a hidden tarot card.

Nightly OP. 55 No. 1

This job will be activated either with a call from Hanako or just after completing << Death Will Visit You >>, if we decide to do this mission last. Keep in mind that entering the elevator indicated by the mission marker is a point of no return: we will not be able to complete any more secondary jobs until the end of the game, after which we will appear again at this precise point. Therefore, we recommend that you have at least completed all the missions that open the range of final options: the Panama storyline, and the Rogue storyline. Hanako’s subplot is the one that is given to us by default.

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After the conversation with Hanako, we must speak with Viktor and Misty and follow the latter to the roof. There, we will have to decide who we want to accompany us in the last bars of the game, which of course will determine the end of V’s story in Night City. If, after making a decision, we reconsider it and consider crushing the pills, another route will be unlocked, the minimal effort subplot, which will take us directly to the credits screen. And, to unlock the secret ending (which we do not recommend unless you are very prepared and have a high level), we will have to stay a few minutes without deciding between any of the options.


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