Cyberpunk 2077: How to complete Close to the Ground


We detail how to complete the secondary works of Cyberpunk 2077 Close to the ground, Nailed in a bar and I know a place 100% for Platinum

In these secondary Cyberpunk 2077 gigs we will meet new characters and participate in new confrontations. As part of our comprehensive guide, we explain how to complete Near the Ground, Nailed to a Bar, and I Know About a Place.

Close to the ground

After completing << On this side of the road >> we can go to Bob and Emily’s store in the Aldecaldo camp and agree to give them a hand. Then we will go to Little China Hospital and look for the employee in the loading area. As soon as we take the briefcase, the police forces will attack us (we advise you to throw a grenade as soon as the cars are parked at the door to kill several of them quickly.

Then we will have to decide whether to leave the man alive or not. If you leave him alive or have enough intelligence you can see that he has a virus and tell Bob about it, which will save Scooter. When the operation ends (about eight internal hours later) we will have finished the mission.

Nailed to a bar

After having completed << I will dance on your grave >> we can go to the small restaurant in Arroyo where this mission takes place. When we order our food, some thugs will enter the premises, but we advise you not to confront them so as not to disturb the business duel. There are three peaceful ways to resolve the encounter:

Pay the bullies
Threaten them with constitution
If you have the background of hustlers you can scare them because they are in the territory of the Calle 6
If we use any of the above methods, the owner will give us a drink and show his gratitude.


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