Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: When We Are 100% Best


We detail how to complete the main gigs at the end with Rogue My rock periddo and When we were the best of Cyberpunk 2077 at 100%

During the next missions we will run into powerful enemies, so we advise you to be well armed and equipped. As part of this complete guide, we detail how to complete My Lost Rock and When We Were the Best, the missions of the God Mode epilogue.

My lost rock

To be able to carry out this work we will have to have opted for the Rogue subplot in the rooftop conversation. We will only have to talk to the fixer, follow the instructions of it, take the retro-thrusters and the spike when it tells us to. After a few scenes, we will enter cyberspace to speak with Alt, after which we can dress in our own clothes and indicate to Rogue that we are ready to begin the assault.

When we were the best

Immediately after completing the previous work we will start this one, in which we assault the Arasaka tower. The first decision we must make is whether we want to rescue Weyland: if we don’t, he will not reappear in history. Then we will have to follow Rogue through different rooms, and we highly recommend using the stealth that you will have already mastered at this point in the game: distracting enemies, short-circuiting drones, paying attention to movement patterns with patience … At some point we will need to loot the identification of the commander of your corps to activate the ascesor. If we do this, it will not be difficult for us to get to the point where we need the thrusters to descend to the ground floor.

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Two floors below we can access the security room (remember to hack the camera that is above the door so as not to be discovered. Once we have deactivated security from the network tab we can go down one more floor and take the back door to We recommend you save at this point, since right after we will have to face Adam Smasher.


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