Cyberpunk 2077 gets a fashion that looks like Borderlands


There are many Cyberpunk 2077 mods that promise big visual changes to the game, but almost everyone just tries to improve his style instead of creating something entirely different. In the case of the new mod created by a user known as Salmo on the Nexus Mods, we have something that promises to make the CD Projekt Red game look like Borderlands.

The best part is that they achieved this by changing several settings already within the game instead of adding something. This not only makes the process a lot simpler, it also ensures that the game doesn’t get heavier or that you notice any difference in the performance of a title that already has problems of maintaining stability naturally.

You can even see the difference that this mod makes in the game’s visual by checking the YouTuber Slothability video above. In addition to demonstrating what the mod can do, it also teaches you how to install and configure everything, which is perfect if you have never tampered with a modification of this type.

In summary, you will need to use the ReShade tool to perform a configuration beyond what is officially allowed by the game. Other than that, it is always worth saying that the mod should receive updates to make the look even more like Borderlands and without having such a dark image.

And you, did you like the result of this unusual modification that mixes these two games? Leave your comment telling us what other games that could have their visuals put on Cyberpunk 2077 through such mods!


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