Cyberpunk 2077 game with great price for Xbox One


After almost ten years of development, the long-awaited futuristic action RPG Cyberpunk 2077 has hit the market. CD Projekt Red’s newest title came with a promise to revolutionize the gaming industry with its immersive open world and customization options never before seen.

Although Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the main entry games of the new generation of consoles, the title also received ports for the PS4 and Xbox One, in order to contemplate the whole community that was eager to try it out.

After 3 months of release, the game can now be found at a more affordable price, including on physical media. If you haven’t already purchased the game, we have some good reasons for you to buy it right now. Check out.

A dense narrative

One of the great highlights of Cyberpunk 2077 is the narrative, which has captivating characters and an ideal plot for a futuristic setting. In the game, players take control of the mercenary V, who starts to take serious risks after a failed mission with his work partner. In this way, the hired killer must fight against time to save himself from an evil biochip, and also avoid the rise of corporatists seeking total social control.

Life around the corner

In Night City, it is impossible to stay idle or not enjoy the show of colors and eccentric landscapes that the city brings. Whether during the day or during the night, the main stage of Cyberpunk 2077 is a true open world with many places to be explored, which seen with the camera in the first person are a visual show.

In addition to the main campaign, Night City has several side and side missions that both add to the story and allow players to occupy themselves for much longer, resulting in increasingly better rewards such as items, weapons, clothing, money and credibility.

Free customization and full exploration

Initially, the player has a series of customization options in the character creation menu, but within the game the alternatives significantly increase. Acquiring body implants, hacking and technology skills, and enhanced weapons are just one of the countless possibilities that the game offers, each adapting to the user’s gameplay style.

And for those who are always looking for games on sale and were waiting for the first offer opportunity to test it on their video games, now is the right time for that, since Cyberpunk 2077 physical media is at great prices for Xbox One and Playstation 4.


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