Cyberpunk 2077: fun video imagines a demake for PS1


The versions of Cyberpunk 2077 released for the PlayStation 4 base and the old Xbox One of war were the target of many complaints by the players, who were bothered by the visual well below that seen on PCs, in addition to several bugs and performance problems.

If you already found it difficult to run the game there and are part of the consumers who came to ask for a refund for your purchase, imagine what it would be like to try to play it on PlayStation 1? Developer Anders Lundbj√∂rk made this “dream” come true in a fun video posted on his personal channel. Check out:

Here, we can see Night City in all its super pixelated glory, reproducing various elements of the original game, from advertising signs to … a comical bug that happens when the protagonist tries to get into a vehicle, replicating one of the several reported glitches by the players.

What do you think about this Cyberpunk 2077 reimagination? Would you find it legal to play a full version of it on PS1? Tell us in the comments below!

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