Cyberpunk 2077: Employees will have extra days to release


CD Projekt RED activates a protocol of six days a week in order to reach the estimated release date this November. Crunch.

CD Projekt RED has imposed six-day-a-week working hours on employees involved in the development of Cyberpunk 2077 with the aim of arriving in time for the release date of November 19. The Polish study, according to Bloomberg, does not consider another delay in the title and will follow a methodology similar to the one they carried out during the development of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt five years ago: overtime for all their asset staff.

The head of the study recognizes it: the measure to take is the crunch

Back in January, Adam Kicinski, CEO of the company, acknowledged in an interview that they were going to be subjected to crunch (working hours above what was stipulated for a certain period of time) to arrive at a launch initially planned for April. It will finally be November and,

The information reports that Adam Badowski, senior head of the development team, has asked his employees that, with immediate application, “the entire development studio is overloaded.” The worker who has made the information public to the North American media assures that they are being asked to increase “the usual amount of work to one day on the weekend”, which in practice translates into six weekly working days. They will be paid hours.

Adam Badowski acknowledges that he has not kept his word

Badowski argues in the note sent to Cyberpunk 2077 employees that it is his responsibility, but that a situation arises where time is short and the game’s launch is approaching. “I know this is directly opposed to what we’ve said about crunch,” he acknowledges. “It is also directly opposed to what I personally believed long ago: that crunch should never be the solution. But we have expanded all possible means to deal with this situation ”.

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In response to the aforementioned media’s question, CD Projekt RED has not responded to the request for an answer, at least for the moment.


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