Cyberpunk 2077, different lifestyles to choose from


As part of a new episode of Night City Wire, Cyberpunk 2077 showed the ways of life that you can live in this game.

In this video they showed us the three paths that we can choose when starting the game and they are:

Street Kid: This way you will know the streets and the most hidden corners of Night City so you will have access to a large part of the city.

Nomad: One of the most interesting. In this game mode you live an outlaw trying to find a place and a new life in Night City from scratch. Along your way you will find wide deserts to go through until you reach the promised city.
Corpo: You will be able to rub shoulders with the higher spheres of the city by being part of the Arasaka corporation and dedicating yourself to doing different businesses.

We leave you with a trailer with more details about it.

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