Cyberpunk 2077 details what’s new in update 1.2


Cyberpunk 2077 players will have the chance to check out several improvements to the game at some point in the future courtesy of update 1.2. In case you are curious to know what’s coming, the producer detailed several of these news.

Among the changes that can be seen on a date to be announced by the producer are the increase in the number of police officers on the map if the player commits a crime, as well as improvements in driving vehicles so that the game behaves better both in frame rates more high as well as at times when there are falls.

Source: Cyberpunk 2077

In addition, a writing correction on the Leaving Night City board was also reported, in addition to several bug and bug fixes. See, below, a list with part of the changes that will be made in gameplay, missions, open world, design of cinematic scenes, environment, graphics and other aspects.

-Fixed an error where aiming under the effect of cybernetics “Frenzy” moved the crosshairs without the player’s input.
-Adjusting the rate of fire of the helicopter turret in Dias de Luta, Dias de Glória.
-Fixed an error where immobilized enemies reproduced lines as if the player had bumped into them.
-If V takes a body with a quest item, the item is automatically added to the inventory.
-Correction of an error where spawning a body in a trunk started the vehicle’s engine.
-Takemura’s appearance is now featured on the link in Catch the Pigeon!
-It is no longer possible to leave the mission area while inside the Basilisk in Fuscão Preto.
-Old Friend will now fail immediately if the cops see V carrying a body.
-V will no longer be trapped behind the table in the hospital lobby in Service: I think I saw a bird.
-The phone will not disappear from the NPC’s hand in the Afterlife scene in Encruzilhada.
-Correction of several errors where the rain appeared in covered areas.
-Correction of several errors with invisible collisions present in some locations.
-V’s hands appear correctly positioned on a steering wheel while driving.
-The camera does not turn when V is under an object and jumps.
-Fixed freezes and issues related to equipping and unpacking Johnny’s jacket.
-Fixes for rendering errors when the fog interacts with nearby lighting on the PlayStation 4.
-Fixed an issue on Xbox One that caused the game to stop responding when changing profiles in the title menu.
-The complete list, which is huge, can be checked in detail on the official website in Portuguese of Cyberpunk 2077. So, did you like the news? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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