Cyberpunk 2077: can be the target of collective action


The controversial release of Cyberpunk 2077 gave the developer CD Projekt Red a lot of headaches and, it seems, his problems are still far from over. After all, according to The New York Times, it is possible that a lawsuit against the studio will be opened!

According to the traditional newspaper, the company’s investors and lawyers are already aware and working with the possibility of having to deal with collective action, a type of process in which an entire group of people is represented collectively by just a single individual.

One of the lawyers sought by the publication considers that the game was “potentially criminal in its lying presentation made to receive financial benefits in bad faith”, a reading based on the thousands of refund claims being made by players around the world.

For those who have not followed the news over the past few weeks, the studio’s own employees are disgusted by the launch, as it was made available with numerous bugs, especially on the older generation consoles. By pushing responsibility for the refund to Sony and Microsoft, the title was promptly removed from PSN.

With all these problems, CD Projekt Red’s stock continues to fall, and the studio continues to work to release update patches and try to minimize the damage, such as the recent hotfix 1.05. Are you also suffering from gambling problems? Comment below!