Cyberpunk 2077: 3rd person mod is available for download


Modder Jelle Barker officially launched this Sunday (3), the third person mod for Cyberpunk 2077, containing the main camera functions so that players can explore Night City from another perspective.

According to the creator, the project is still in the development stage and should gain news as it is being updated. Despite this, the third-person feature is fully functional on PCs and allows all players to fully see protagonist V at up to four levels of camera depth. See the video below with the modification enabled.


In the mod’s official forum, some people are reporting flaws found during gameplay, such as locked sights, where the character’s arms and movement do not match the commands executed, problems with shading in some environments, interaction actions occurring without V if mess, and other incompatibilities. With the feedback, it is expected that the specific corrections will come in future updates.

The mod can be downloaded from the official Nexus Mods page, where there is also a brief detail on the installation steps and various other information about the functionality.

Do you want to test Cyberpunk 2077 in third person? Leave your answer in the comments.

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