Cybercrime Increased Four Times During the Coronavirus Outbreak


While the whole world was in the grip of the coronavirus epidemic, millions of people fell into their homes. Accordingly, while there is a great increase in internet usage, hackers are trying to turn the situation into an opportunity. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported an increase in cybercrime during the epidemic.

We have already mentioned that cyber attacks have been organized against public sector employees in Mongolia. The cyber attack acted as if it belonged to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, containing an original-looking email and word document (RTF file) about the prevalence of coronavirus infections.

An FBI official who made a statement regarding cyber attacks said that cyber attack notifications have peaked this week since the beginning of the coronavirus. Speaking at the Aspen Institute, FBI Deputy General Manager Tonya Ugoretz stated that cyber attack reports increased fourfold compared to the months before the epidemic.

There is an increase in cyber attacks during the coronavirus period:
Stating that there is an Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) within the FBI, Ugoretz said, “Unfortunately, IC3 has been incredibly busy for the past few months.” said. Expressing that they received about a thousand complaints a day before the coronavirus period, the FBI official said that this number has now increased to 3-4 thousand. Ugoretz also stated that they are the creators of pseudo-coronavirus charities and that they promise to send people masks and other types of equipment.

The situation is not limited to cyber attacks. The FBI official said that as an institution, attacks were carried out by foreign countries targeting both the national healthcare industry and coronavirus research capabilities. “We have definitely seen exploration and some interventions in some of these institutions,” said Tonya Ugoretz. Especially for those who define themselves while working on research on coronavirus… ”

On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a definition of cyber attacks. This term, which is determined as an infodemic, is defined as “bombarding people with an abundance of both right and wrong information circulating on the Internet”. Authorities often warn internet users to be wary of hackers.


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