Cyber security move for countries from Microsoft


Microsoft’s advanced cybersecurity technology is now available in many countries. The company is making some of the more advanced features of the AccountGuard service available to groups and individuals at no additional cost, with national elections to be held in five European countries.

AccountGuard members will not pay any additional fees

Note that AccountGuard is a program Microsoft offers to individuals and organizations at higher risk of being targeted by hackers. Typically these people mean politicians of course. However, close to the beginning of the pandemic, the company also offered services to intermediary health workers and humanitarian organizations free of charge. The service provided provides guidance on how to stop it by sending a notification to the user when an attack occurs.

As part of its new expansion, Microsoft is making the enterprise-level identity and access management features of the service available to all AccountGuard members in their democracy at no additional cost.

The company attempted a similar expansion ahead of the 2020 US presidential elections, giving parties access to these features along with political campaigns. Microsoft also plans to provide up to 25,000 YubiKeys to AccountGuard customers. Depending on the size of the organization, there will be more than one free service offered by the company.

First, as national elections approach in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Estonia and the Czech Republic, Microsoft hopes to protect them from disinformation campaigns.


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