Cyber Scams Scam People Through WhatsApp Groups

A tech firm warned of a method that is rapidly spreading among cyber scams and people are scammed through WhatsApp groups.

Technology firm Vade Secure experts warned of a rapidly spreading fraud management among digital fraudsters. This ‘phishing’ fraud method, especially via WhatsApp, jeopardizes people’s passwords, bank details and many other personal data. Cyber ​​security experts warn people to be more careful about this.

Saying that phishing scams are usually done through fake websites, looking like a financial institution or other trusted institution, Vade Secure states that such frauds in social media are increasing. Speaking about this, the security company says that phishing scams on social media have doubled in the third quarter compared to the second quarter of 2019.

Cyber ​​scammers steal people’s credentials through WhatsApp groups:
Experts say that this increase in cyber fraud is particularly related to WhatsApp. At this point, the new method, which is spreading rapidly among digital scams, invites people to a pornographic content group via WhatsApp. Once victims are persuaded to join this group, they are encouraged to visit websites where phishing and fraud will take place.

Of course, it should be noted that this cyber fraud method, where many people are defrauded, is not the fault of WhatsApp. In this regard, the technology company says that WhatsApp can not censor people’s communication by removing dangerous connections, such a situation will decrease user trust and prevent the protections provided by the end-to-end encryption method. At this point, the safety of individuals is completely under their own responsibility.

Security experts warn a few so that users can avoid such cyber fraud methods. These alerts include not clicking links of unknown origin and avoiding following links to messages that are not sure of their security.

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