Cyber attack shock to Manchester United!


Famous England-based football club Manchester United has confirmed that it has been subject to a cyberattack. Emphasizing that the attack was quite complex, the team explained some details about the attack. It is stated that cyber security experts have started research on the attack.

Manchester United facing cyberattack

Recently, we see that many football clubs have been subjected to cyber attacks. The primary purpose of this is predicted to be disruption of the matches or a result against the team. According to the club’s official statement, this “complex” cyberattack did not achieve its goal. Stating that it is confident in its resources on cyber security, the club added that the authorities are interested in the issue.

manchester united

The news that the West Bromwich Albion match, which will be played today, will not be adversely affected by this situation, pleased the fans. One of the reasons the cyberattack is so complex is that Manchester United is not the only target.

All services of the club, which has become one of the important symbols of football, are now available. Even though the attack was dodged cheaply, the statements made repeat that the issue will be followed. Services as well as the absence of the normal flow of any user in the information from the data is not leaked.

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