Cyber attack on journalists via iMessage


In recent weeks, 37 journalists have been identified as victims of cyberattacks. The methods used in the cyber attack on the journalists were explained. Hackers transferred all the information on the hacked phones to the servers thanks to the iMessage vulnerability.

Journalists fall victim to cyberattacks due to iMessage vulnerability

In a report published by the University of Toronto, it is claimed that a cyber operation was carried out against journalists in July and August. It is stated that the main target of this operation carried out by the government is the press organization Al Jazeera.

Gazeteciler, iMessage açığı yüzünden siber saldırı kurbanı oldu

It is stated in the report that 37 journalists were affected by the attack on many news organizations, especially Al Jazeera. It is also stated in the report that different devices examined were exposed to similar attacks in October and December 2019.

Stating that the attack was carried out with the spy software called Pegasus developed by the NSO Group, security researchers underlined that the journalists were hacked with the iMessage vulnerability. Security researchers have announced that people using iOS 13.5.1 and below are hacked with an attack type called an invisible zero-click exploit.

It is stated that the spyware, which can leak many information, including media sound, encrypted phone calls, location information and photos, started to upload hundreds of MB of data to the server after it infiltrated the system.

Stating that the current vulnerability does not work in the iOS 14 version, security researchers recommended users to install the updated iOS version. Making a statement on this subject, Apple said, “We always underline that our users should use the updated iOS version. We cannot verify the analysis performed by the University of Toronto. “He used expressions.

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