Cyber Attack on Activision: Call of Duty Players Affected


It is said that a cyber attack was carried out against Activision. Although the company has not made a statement on this issue so far, it is stated that around 500 thousand Call of Duty players have access to their Activision account and the information of these accounts is served.

Activision, one of the deep-rooted names of the video game industry, has experienced a serious security breach. In the incident, which was first brought to the agenda on Sunday, it is alleged that the login information of Activision accounts belonging to more than 500 thousand Call of Duty players was leaked. Moreover, the data of the accounts seem to have been served through various platforms.

It is not known what kind of attack the hackers launched into Activision’s systems. However, the company’s lack of a two-factor authentication system suggests that hackers may have implemented the “brute-force” technique. In addition, some Call of Duty players who post on social media report that they have become inaccessible to their Activision accounts.

Whether hackers’ attacks on Activision have come to an end is also currently unknown. However, the Twitter user named “TheGamingRevolution”, who made statements on Sunday and known for the Call of Duty news he shared more, states that hackers created around 1000 accounts in 10 minutes, so even changing the password may be insufficient.

Taking some precautions can at least protect your other data

It is useful to check if you can access your Activision account. If you are able to access it, it may be to your advantage to dismiss all accounts associated with your Activision account. In addition, if you use the password you use this account on other platforms, we strongly recommend that you update your password.

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Activision did not make a statement on the subject

When we look at Activision’s official website and social media accounts, we see that the company has not made any statements regarding this security breach. This increases the likelihood that the security breach may be real. The statements to be made by the company will allow the details of the event to be revealed.

This attack on Activision is not the first time in the gaming industry. For example, recently Nintendo was the focus of a massive security breach. In the statements made, it was stated that more than 140 thousand Nintendo accounts were accessed in these attacks. It turns out that game companies need to be more sensitive about this issue and especially they need to use two-factor authentication systems.


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