emake wins patch with 60 fps support on PS5


THQ Nordic released this Thursday (4) an update note for Destroy All Humans! Remake, adding support for 60 fps on the PS5 version, new skins for all Sony consoles and more news. On the Xbox Series X, the update brings improvements in visuals and resolution.

With patch 1.08, all PS4 players can play the remake of Destroy All Humans! on PS5 with performance improvements, enabling 60fps frame rates via backwards compatibility (something that helps on PS4 Pro too). In addition, the free costumes Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare and Midas Touch are now available for redemption, and have won a special presentation trailer where it is possible to have a more detailed look at the visuals.

Among the other novelties, a new difficulty setting was also added for the fight against the final boss, allowing players to decrease it before the battle. Check the list of patch improvements:

3 new skins (all platforms: Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare and Midas Touch 3
Patch to unlock PSP restrictions on PS4 (which also helps PS5 players to play at 60 fps)
Xbox One X gets enhanced details
Xbox Series X gains improvements in resolution and details
Changes in some fights (all platforms)
Decreased difficulty in fighting the last boss
Destroy All Humans! Remake is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The title can be played via backwards compatibility on the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X with some graphics and performance improvements.


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