CW explains why Green Arrow and Canaries were canceled


Fans held out hope that The CW would try out the project that began planning with the final season of Arrow, Green Arrow & The Canaries.

However, after Green Arrow & The Canaries began to take shape, it was canceled by The CW channel, deciding not to give the green light for the development of the derivative series.

Without a doubt, this decision was something that did not go down very well with fans of the universe who after a week are still lamenting because they will not see Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy, moving their characters to the 2040 timeline. .

In this sense, the president of the channel, Mark Pedowitz explained during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter the reasons that led to making such a decision related to the cancellation of the series.

“We couldn’t find a Stargirl-like model and we couldn’t get there. We were expecting it to start on HBO Max and run a second time on The CW, but we couldn’t figure out how to do it and I couldn’t make it all work.”

The Arrow spin-off had a sizable fan base who were eager for the show to air. Despite this, it is regrettable that the series has not materialized. Although for the moment it will not happen, Pedowitz did not make it clear if it can be resumed in the future.

Initially some reports indicated that the new series would air through HBO Max; they were just rumors. However, the president of The CW claimed that taking it to the streaming platform was only an option.


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