CVC Corp Targets Cyber Attack Over Weekend


The CVC Corp group, which controls companies such as CVC travel agency and Submarino Viagens, was the victim of a cyber attack last weekend.

The company confirmed what had happened and warned that it had activated security protocols, without specifying exactly what was the mode of invasion or whether user data was accessed. However, she guarantees that she will prioritize the maintenance of services. In addition, reservations and booked trips will continue to be valid normally on the contracted dates.

What happened to CVC Corp?

The official website of CVC Corp remains down until the time of publication of this report, but the pages of its products and services remain in operation. So far, no group specializing in cybercrime has claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is worth remembering that, recently, Brazilian companies such as Lojas Renner have become an increasingly constant target of ransomware scams. This was the most common attack among Brazilian companies in 2021, which places the country among the ten regions that most registered this type of invasion.

What does the company say

“CVC Corp reports that it was the victim of a cyber attack today (2). The company promptly activated all of its security protocols. At this moment, the company is working diligently to mitigate the effects of the incident and preserve the continuity of its business,” says the CVC press release.

“CVC Corp regrets what happened and in the name of transparency with customers, employees, partners, franchisees and with the market, it will maintain subsequent communications as soon as more information is obtained”, he concludes.


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