CVC announced the debut album Get Real and released the single Good Morning Vietnam.


CVC shared details of their long-awaited debut album “Get Real”.

Along with the announcement, rockers from South Wales offered to try the album in the form of the title single “Good Morning, Vietnam”. Ross Orton, who previously worked with Arctic Monkeys, set a record.

Explaining what the new single is about, the band said: “It’s about a time when everyone around us seemed to be into Tinder and one-night stands.”

“The album was recorded with love in the living room of a student house in Cardiff around one microphone while we were looking for a new sound,” they continued. “We used pots and pans for percussion, Welsh thunder for atmosphere and 40p ramen noodle soups for dinner.”

The album is due to be released on January 13 via Secret Distribution — listen to “Good Morning Vietnam” below.

The CVC are about to embark on a six-day UK tour, starting in Birmingham on Thursday (October 13) and ending at the Swn Festival in Cardiff, just ten miles south of their home in Church Village.

CVC will play:


13 – Birmingham, Dead Wax
14 – Glasgow, MccHuills
15 – Leeds, the Key Club
20 – Bath, Moles
21 – Exeter Cave
22 – Cardiff, Dream Festival

CVC released their debut EP “Real To Reel” in July. In a four – star review , NME wrote: “For what started out as a joke between mates, ‘Real To Reel’ is a guaranteed achievement from a band that knows how to have fun and wants us to jump on board and join the party.

“Even if CVC, it would seem, looked through their favorite recordings and disassembled the inserts, for “vintage” music, it all sounds surprisingly new.”


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