“Cuties” case. Protest of Catholic associations


Have you heard of the new Netflix movie? It’s called Cuties is a French film about an 11-year-old girl who rebels against her Muslim parents, joining a group of girls who practice the twerk dance.

Netflix has bought the exclusive rights for the release of the film, whose plot revolves around a little girl who rebels against the strict education of her parents by engaging in the twerk dance. A provocative dance, performed with skimpy clothes, based on the movement of the lower back. The film is already available from yesterday 9 September and anyone with a subscription will be able to access.

There are family support groups and some Catholic associations, which have asked Netflix to cancel the release on the platform. The associations believe that there is a sexualization of children in this film.

After a first wave of protests, Netflix apologized for the image and words used for the film’s promotional campaign, but did not cancel the release. Catholic associations argue that it is necessary to resist the growing degeneration that the film industry is trying to promote, to normalize the sexualization of children.

The film tells the story of Amy, 11, a little girl who becomes fascinated by a group of twerk dancers and hoping to join them, begins to explore her own sexuality and femininity by challenging family traditions.

The director explained that the film aims to be a contrast to the patriarchy.
I sincerely believe that sex education in school is necessary. It has been compulsory in Switzerland since 1955 and then also in Norway, Finland and Denmark. In Italy, on the other hand, there is no program of sexual education, therefore it remains only a field of action for families.

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Often, in fact, the family does not talk about it and the children listen to friends, the media, television or the Internet.

These are the main sources of information for Italian teenagers. For some, the only model of sexual reference, until the moment of having the first experiences, is the material found on the net.

Children need to develop a conscious attitude towards sexuality, to be able to act responsibly, not only towards themselves but also towards others. Sex education in school, based on scientifically accurate information, would have the opportunity to fill a void, where the family does not talk about it, or it is not done correctly.

It could correct or supplement the misleading images and often degrading information conveyed by the media. Obviously, education must be age appropriate and help children not to misrepresent what they see on TV.

A recommendation. Don’t let your children be bombarded by the media, with cell phones, TVs and the internet going wild.


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