Cut: TSE postpones elections in Macapá due to light


The electric power crisis in Amapá, which has had no or no light since November 3 after a substation caught fire, also affected the region’s electoral calendar.

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) confirmed the postponement of the municipal elections in Macapá until this Thursday (12th). The request was made by the state’s own Electoral Justice and accepted by the president of the TSE, Luis Roberto Barroso, and confirmed by Agência Brasil.

The postponements apply both to the first round (which would take place this Sunday, November 15) and to a possible second round (originally scheduled for November 29). New dates have not yet been defined and depend on the management of the energy crisis in the affected locations, until “the material and technical conditions for carrying out the claim are restored”.

Difficult situation

Currently with the power partially restored, with the operation starting from a rotation, the private company responsible for the supply will be investigated and will have to explain the incident. The request was made by the president of the Federal Senate, Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP).


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