Customize the background of the zoom talks with any photo


Video calls have been part of our lives for a long time, but the truth is that due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the applications that allow us to carry out this type of communication have gained much more popularity. One of the most used in all types of environments is undoubtedly Zoom.

The application allows you to create a free account to make video calls with your co-workers, studies, friends or family in a very simple way, both from the browser and the mobile. However, it also has other interesting functions, such as the one that allows you to set a background on the video call itself and show it right behind us.

In this way, we can be in the office or at home and that behind us appears a paradisiacal beach, a snowy mountain or a street from any corner of the world. To set a virtual background in our Zoom video call, the first thing we have to do is open the desktop application. From there, before entering or creating a meeting, we can access the settings, although it is also possible to open the settings window once the video call has started.

How to change the background in a Zoom video call

To do this, all we have to do is click on the gear icon and then, in the settings screen, select the Virtual background option. This will show us how it looks at this moment through our webcam, and just below it is where we can choose the background that we want to apply. You can add an image or even a video.

By default, Zoom offers five images, but if we look at the right of the literal Choose a virtual background, an icon with the “+” symbol appears. When clicking on it, we are shown two options Add image and Add video. In any case, this will open a window for us to choose the photo or video from our computer that we want to set as the background of the Zoom video call.

Therefore, the only thing left is to choose the file and click on Open. Finally, we select the image that we have just added as the background and we will automatically see it applied in the webcam view.

Sites to download funds for Zoom

Zoom Background, as its name suggests, it is a site where we can find a lot of images to apply a virtual background in our video calls. Specifically, it has more than 1,000 free images organized in several categories that we can download to be able to put them as a background in our video calls.

Zoom exotic is a website that we can go to to download videos that we can later use as a background in our Zoom video calls. To get the videos that we like the most, just go to the category in question, choose the video and from the menu button, three dots, choose the Download option.


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