Customize your K-Pop style clothes with these tips


We know that your favorite K-pop groups accompany you wherever you go, whether you use a keychain with a special figure on them, stamp on your school supplies or just listen to them in your headphones while you are away from home, any of The previous ones allow you to take a part of your great happiness with you no matter where you are.

But if you do not have any such item or would just like to try something new while you are at home, we bring you some ideas that will allow you to renew your wardrobe and add a touch of your love for idol groups.

Prepare your best ideas and follow the instructions below, you’ll need simple things like prints and paint, but each of the suggestions you’ll find here has a few different qualities.

Buy textile paint and choose a phrase from your favorite K-pop song, whether you want to print it in hangul, English or Spanish, you can also try using different fonts until you find the ones indicated. Use a decal sheet to draw the guide on the garment you want to personalize, once this step is finished, use the textile paint to give it color.

Print on transfer paper the image that you like, once you have the image and the garment you want to personalize ready, you just have to place the paper on the TV and pass the hot iron over it, remember to cut the edges so that only the printing is transfer.

Find an image of your group and then rotate the file so that it looks like the reflection of a mirror, if you don’t know how to zoom in, you can go to a cyber and ask for help. When you have the impression you must remember the parts that you do not want to transfer. Get liquid to transfer prints, put a thin layer of this liquid on the garment you want to personalize and then, you will place your print on top. After 5 to 10 hours this material should have dried and very carefully you should carefully remove the layer of paper, you can help yourself with a little water for this step.

Print the logo of your favorite group and cut it out, take care that the outline is intact because it will be the part you will use for this DIY, place the paper on a black garment and tape it. Then, with the help of a brush, place chlorine on the garment to trace and solove the logo. Little by little you will see how this garment takes a new color.

Si quieres intentar un proyecto más complejo y artístico, te sugerimos lo siguiente. elige una chamarra de mezclilla, imprime una imagen que te guste, puede ser la portada de un disco o una imagen representativa de tu idol favorito. Cálcalo en la chamarra de mezclilla, preferentemente en la parte de la espalda, ahora prepara pintura textil de todos los colores que vayas a utilizar y pon manos a la obra.


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