Customization: Magalu, Amazon, FedEx and DHL


In a live broadcast made on Wednesday (16) by the investment site Traders Club, the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, announced that there are five companies interested in the privatization of the Post Office. He cited four: retailer Magazine Luiza, e-commerce giant Amazon, and logistics companies FedEx and DHL.

In highlighting the importance of the interest of five major players interested in buying the state-owned company, the minister is betting on the success of a privatization process. “There are companies interested in occupying this space,” said the minister, “and they know that you receive the bonus and the burden too, but it is a healthy company.”

The privatization process

Faria acknowledged that he assumed responsibility for the issue within the ministry, and that he intends to talk to the leaders of Congress and the presidents of the Chamber and Senate, to expedite the process of the privatization project of the Post Office. About the employees, he said: “whoever is good will continue”.

For him, it is up to the National Congress to decide the operation of the share control and the obligations of the company that comes to buy the Post Office in the privatization process. Among the reasons cited by the minister for the sale of the company are: corruption, political interference, inefficiency, constant strikes and loss of the market for private companies.

About the strike

Speaking specifically about the strike, Fábio Faria stated that, as it is a “universal and essential” service, the state-owned company should not stop. “If the company were private, it would not have this problem. It is not with a strike that you get a raise, ”he said.

Using the employees’ own strike as an argument for privatization, the minister criticized the strike in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic, but said he did not want to go into the merit of the strike. “I think that [strike] was very bad for them, because it is a moment when everyone needs to do their best,” he concluded.

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