Customizable Arduino Smartwatch brings e-paper screen


The company SQFMI recently launched a kit of only US $ 50 that allows to build a smartwatch customizable to the molds of the classic Pebble. Called Watchy, the product uses an e-Paper screen and an Arduino board with basic elements for the smart watch to work.

The assembly and installation of the software is up to the user. According to those responsible for the project, all physical and digital parts of the device can be customized. While the system is distributed by open code, the body of the watch can be printed in 3D, for example.

The common base of Watchy includes a 1.54-inch e-paper screen with a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels. The device also has an accelerometer with gesture detection, vibration motor, clock and four customizable buttons.

The SQFMI smart watch can be connected with other devices via Bluetooth. The construction of the device also includes a Wi-Fi internet module.

The open source smart watch is powered by a 200 mAh battery, which can be recharged via the MicroUSB connection. The component delivers up to seven days of use away from the outlet, according to SQFMI estimates.

User options

Watchy’s goal is not to compete against solutions from major brands like Apple or Xiaomi, but to offer an option for users with more programming experience and who miss the Pebble line devices. Wearable devices often have closed systems and the Arduino kit promises to guarantee freedom for the assembly of a personalized experience.

For those who do not intend to assemble the watch from scratch, SQFMI will offer on its website some Watch Faces and also cover models for the smartwatch. For those interested in the project, the complete documentation can be seen here.

The Watchty assembly kit is available in the United States for $ 44.99 at the Tindie store, which delivers to Brazil.


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