Customer day: 57% intend to buy


Today is the Day of the Customer, date of promotions, gifts and discount coupons. For those who sell, good news: according to a study by the Social Miner platform in partnership with Opinion Box, 57% of Brazilian consumers intend to take advantage of today to buy items in need with lower prices.

With some limitations of movement of people still in force, it is necessary to know that the majority will make their purchases online. In addition to security, half of the public pointed out as a determining reason, the benefit of receiving their products at home.

On the other hand, some factors can cause a withdrawal from the purchase. According to the interviewees, the main ones are: bad freight, with few shipping options and abusive values ​​(57%), lack of trust in the store (40%) and long delivery time, outside the promised date (39%) .

Tips for selling more

In a briefing sent to TecMundo, the specialist in freight management and CEO of the Best Shipping company, Éder Medeiros, separated some tips on how dissatisfaction with freight can lead customers to give up on an e-commerce purchase.

For the specialist, “nowadays, one of the most relevant factors for finalizing a purchase is the shipping options. Invest in an efficient delivery strategy, with high demand, present shipping alternatives using the freight management service, carriers and logistics companies ”.

Éder points out that the sales period during Customer Day, which can be extended to a week of promotion, for example, has enormous potential for growth, and is an excellent opportunity to boost the creation of sales attractions.

One of the possibilities is to offer free shipping during the period, as this breaks the biggest objection to internet shopping, which is the value of delivery. Logically, this is a temporary offer, which will serve as a “pilot” for a policy to review delivery options.


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