Customer Confronts DoorDash Driver After Catching Him Eating Her Food


A customer went viral on TikTok after allegedly catching her DoorDash driver eating her food and bumping into him.

In a viral two-minute video, a woman claims that she caught her DoorDash driver eating the sushi she ordered and called him as a result.

The delivery service driver was sitting in his car near an apartment complex, holding a small plate of sushi in his hand. His phone was on his lap, and the DoorDash app was open.

— You didn’t do a damn thing about it. I just called you,” the customer said, standing in front of him. “I just recorded it all on the screen because I was going to file a complaint.”

The woman then zoomed in on the driver and her intended order. “So instead of bringing me food or answering my phone, you decided to just keep it and eat it. Give me some food,” she told him.

When the driver handed her an empty bag, sushi and a drink, Dasher said he called her, although she denied it.


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According to the buyer, she gave the driver “clear directions” to her apartment complex and said she would “meet him at the entrance.”

Dasher claimed to have walked around the apartment complex but couldn’t find her, while the buyer claimed she was “rolling around in circles” trying to find his car.

She then scolded the driver with questions about him eating her food, accusing him of wasting her time, and threatened to send the video as a complaint.

The clip has gained 1.9 million views, and many TikTok users found the situation funny.

“The way he keeps getting food out of his teeth with his tongue… today I can’t live with this world,” one user commented.

“The app that is still on the phone sends me,” wrote another. “It’s actually like a love story,” someone else joked.

This isn’t the first time a DoorDash driver has become popular on TikTok after another driver recorded eating a customer’s food because he left a $1 tip.


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