Custom playlist for sports fans from Spotify


Sports competitions, which were suspended when the global coronavirus epidemic broke out, resumed a while ago. Taking action to celebrate the return of major sports organizations, Spotify has announced a new list called Daily Sports.

Just like the Daily Wellness lists announced in April and Your Daily Drive, which went live in June 2019, Daily Sports will also feature music and podcasts.

Spotify users will be able to listen to popular sports podcasts as well as their favorite songs on this new list. It will also be possible to meet new names on the list. In addition, episodes of the popular sports podcast The Ringer, which Spotify recently purchased, will be on the new list.

Spotify’s personalized playlists are among the top reasons for many people to subscribe to Spotify. Users can easily discover new content outside of lists such as Weekly Discovery or Release Radar. Therefore, it is not surprising that Spotify is increasing the number of personalized lists. Spotify’s investments in the field of podcasts can also be considered as a sign that the podcast presence in these lists will become more prominent.

Spotify will present the Daily Sports list to its users in the US first. Users will be able to find this list under the “For You” section.

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