Custom Golden Ring Frenzied FlameDice are Simply Amazing


A few months later, Elden Ring remains one of the biggest games of the year. According to many, there is almost no competition for the title of game of the year, when compared with awards such as The Game Awards. Of course, there are people who will consider games like Neon White or Kirby and the Forgotten Land as their personal GOTY, but in general, Elden Ring dominates in many ways.

Indeed, God of War Ragnarok may be the only game that really competes with Elden Ring, given the delays of games like Starfield. It should be noted that although both games are popular, one has been released and the other has not. There can be anything in the gaming industry, and stylistically they are very different games. In Elden Ring, players will more often worry about endings, entrails such as “Raging Flame” and “Three Fingers”, builds and much more.

His popularity can be easily seen everywhere. In fact, one Tiktok account known as Artysrafts (self-proclaimed mom by day, dice maker by night) created an Elden Ring Dungeons and Dragons board dice set inspired by the Raging Flames. When they describe the dice, they are inspired by the current Artyscraft build in the Elden Ring, and they can be found on their Twitter account being auctioned.

The bones are mostly orange, with several areas of black, shades of red, and cracks. It fits perfectly into the overall design of “Three Fingers”, as well as the color scheme associated with the ending of “Lord of the Furious Flame”. For those who love Elden Ring and/or those who like this tidbit of knowledge, these dice will be a good addition to the collection.

What’s even more interesting is how extensive the knowledge of the Three Fingers was, if you count the quest lines that were cut from the main game. For example, at the beginning of the game, players will meet the merchant Elden Ring of Calais, and as it turned out, they had to appear in several places, guiding the players along with a new quest.

In it, the players had to find out that the merchants worshipped Three Fingers/Furious Flame, and their Great Caravan was destroyed when the Golden Order sealed Three Fingers. This explains why Merchants often used Madness attacks in the Elden Ring as well. In any case, this faction still has a lot in the Elden Ring, and these cubes mark it in the best way.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.