Curved iPhones, the new Apple patent


It is a fact that the new frontier of telephony is not 5G but folding screens. The chips of the most modern connectivity are increasingly present in current mobiles, providing a great service at the power level, but a technology that allows having a large screen in a space that is divided in half is something that is also appreciated. especially when carrying the terminal in your pocket. But in the Cupertino home there are new plans for this technology, such as the creation of an iPhone with a flexible and convex screen.

New Apple patent with flexible display

Apple is one of the most innovative companies on the market, although in recent years it has maintained a conservative line when it comes to design. The competition has become strong in other segments such as flexible phones and the proof that the Californian firm does not want to be left behind are the different patents that we find.

The last one that has come to light is that of an iPhone with a convex curved screen. As can be seen in the patent, the screen extends on both sides of the device, so we would have a useful device on all sides. Of course, the body aims to be rigid unlike the rest of the devices, which would increase the durability of this type of screen.

Another point that the patent points out is that “the convex shape of the case can increase the internal volume of a device while preserving an elegant and slim appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.” This means that the aesthetics would be greatly improved by making a very attractive terminal while the interior would be spacious enough to house a large battery, for example.

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At the moment, this is just an idea that those of Cupertino propose so that we see it in future manufacturing processes if it ever reaches that point. What is clear is that Apple is looking for a way to bring flexible display technology to its terrain and do something different from the rest but maintaining the essence of the firm. We will see in the future what this idea is that is still original, although we have already seen that it is not the only one with this thought after seeing the Xiaomi patent.


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