Cursed to Golf: Golf Roguelike Announced for PC and Switch


Producer Chuhai Labs, in conjunction with distributor Thunderful, announced that Cursed to Golf, a sports game that mixes roguelike elements, will be released for Switch and PC sometime in 2022.

According to the information released, the game will put you in charge of a character known as The Cursed Golfer, who must participate in a golf championship in Purgatory with the hope of returning to the world of the living. However, this will not be an easy task, as several other competitors are also eyeing this award.

It was also informed that the game will feature more than 80 holes and daily challenges to keep players active, in addition to bringing skills that allow them to explore the surroundings of the course and the conditions of each hole before taking the shots.

Finally, we were also treated to a trailer for the game (above), giving a better idea of ​​what we can explore in this further foray into the world of golf.


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