Cursed: the new Netflix series is inspired by Game of Thrones!


Game of Thrones has paved the way for many such series. Including Cursed, the new Fantasy series from the leg of Netflix.

Netflix has unveiled a new fantasy gem: Cursed. A comic book series reminiscent of Game of Thrones.

Cursed is THE new Fantasy series from Netflix. A show then adapted from the original comic by Franck Miller and Tom Wheeler, released in 2019.

We discover Nimue, the future Lady of the Lake. It’s this heroine who will somehow rewrite a well-known myth, you will see.

Indeed, this new TV series draws its inspiration from many works. But the first is obviously the legend of King Arthur, whose show-runners are freely inspired.

Some fans of the genre will immediately recognize the loan from Game of Thrones. Like what, the work of George R. R. Martin still appeals as much.

While Netflix has lifted the veil on Cursed season 1, Tom Wheeler has made some revelations to our colleagues at Premiere. “A series like Cursed could not have existed if there had not been Game of Thrones before.”


Yes, this series, which was rave about, opened the way to other series of the genre. In a Medieval Fantasy atmosphere, Cursed could try to flirt with fans of Daenerys, Cersei, Jon Snow, and the company.

What is certain is that the series gave birth to “a new, much broader, more ambitious form of storytelling.” Kind of like what Tom Wheeler wants to offer with Cursed.

Besides GoT and the legend of King Arthur, the production was also inspired by the Lord of the Rings, but not only. Aside from pure and hard fantasy works, movies like Star Wars have also inspired the production of this new Netflix series.

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