Curiosity Discovery Vehicle Takes an Impressive Picture of Earth from Mars

Mars Rover, robotic space autonomous vehicle on a deserted planet, view from the rear, 3D illustration

Curiosity, Nasa’s discovery vehicle that observes on Mars, managed to capture a magnificent photo that combines Earth and Venus in the same frame. In the captured photo, we see that all the life we ​​live is experienced only at one point. We are all in this photo.

Curiosity, NASA’s Mars rover, managed to record a very meaningful photo for humanity. Have you ever wondered what the Earth looks like through the eyes of the Red Planet? The photo taken by Curiosity serves exactly this purpose. The famous reconnaissance vehicle brought Venus, the twin of which is considered to be the Earth and in many respects, in a single frame.

This image, taken with our date system on June 5, 2020, was taken on the 2.784th left of the Curiosity mission. The left coincides with a day on Mars. While Earth completes its own tour in 24 hours, Mars completes this tour in 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds. This formed time is also called 1 left.

In the panoramic photo taken by Curiosity, we see the planet Earth with us and all the life we ​​know. Under the photo is Venus, which was once thought to host life like the Earth, but as a result of extreme global warming, the hottest planet of the Solar System.

Thanks to the weather conditions on Mars, this image was captured

Commenting on the shared image, the official on the Curiosity mission said, “Both planets look like a needle tip thanks to the combination of air and dust. Normally both of them have the appearance of bright stars ”.

Curiosity exploration vehicle, which continues its observations in a large crater called Gale in the southern hemisphere of Mars, has been investigating Mars, the most curious planet of the Solar System for many years. Completing a round around the sun in 687 days, Mars may be the next home of humanity. Many entrepreneurs and scientists, especially Elon Musk, continue to work to make this happen as soon as possible.


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