Curiosities about Goblin, the K-drama of the immortal being


A K-Drama that we cannot erase from our memory is Goblin, the magical story of Kim Shin who, after dying, must pay a punishment that will take years.

The interpretation of the actors who made up the cast was incredible, making it possible for the story to be full of emotional moments but also some very funny, even making references to other stories and stars from the real world.

It is a K-Drama capable of making anyone reflect through the experiences of the main and incidental characters, so after reaching the end, it will leave an important message in your heart.

If you have already seen this series that has become the favorite of many Doramas fans, keep reading and find out some curiosities that will lead you to remember the drama:

  • The drama is based on a series of legends and tales from Korea’s ancient era, but the author gave it a fresh look to suit the public’s taste.
  • The creator of the story tried to convince Goong Yoo to play the goblin for 5 years.
    This drama marked Gong Yoo’s long-awaited return to television.
  • The school where Eun Tak studies is the same setting that was used in the music video for Gfriend’s song Rough.
  • The Angel of Death and the Goblin became a very popular bromance among K-Dramas fans.
  • Goblins are actually extremely small mythological beings who participated in war encounters.
  • Much of her budget for this drama was spent on special effects to create some of the scenes.
  • Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook had known each other since their military service.
  • The flowers Kim Shin gives Eun Tak are buckwheat or buckwheat flowers, and the meaning of this flower is ‘lovers’.
  • When the Angel of Death is looking for a name he can use, Eun Tak suggests names that all women love, Hyun Bin and Kim Woo Bin, which correspond to two famous Korean actors.
  • Although the Angel of Death and Sunny did not have a happy ending in the drama, the actors who brought these characters to life were reunited again at the K-Drama Touch.
  • When bidding souls farewell, the Angel of Death serves them tea as a token of mercy so that they can forget what they left behind in their lives and no longer suffer for it, however, taking it is optional.
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