Curfews Announced In Greece


The Greek government has declared a curfew in the country as part of coronavirus measures, starting tomorrow morning. 15 people have died in Greece due to the epidemic so far.

The measures taken by governments have become harsh due to the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread to the world and has killed 13,714 people since it emerged in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China. Finally, our neighbor was declared a curfew in Greece.

In a statement made by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, it was stated that the curfew was declared in the country within the scope of coronavirus measures as of tomorrow (Monday) morning. According to the report in Reuters, Mitsotakis argued that the ban was taken to protect people’s health and well-being, “It is a step to be taken immediately. Maybe the last step is not in vain. ”

Number of deaths increased to 15 in Greece
Greece has so far confirmed the number of confirmed cases 624, and the number 15 dead. Greece previously banned more than 10 people. In the asylum seekers illegally from Turkey had increased concerns seen together with the coronavirus. A coronavirus was detected on Lesbos Island in Greece, where there are 27 thousand refugees.

On the other hand, measures taken due to the epidemic are tightening all over the world. According to the statement made in the Russian Coronavirus Infection Control and Prevention Center, 53 more viruses were detected in 18 regions of Russia in one day and the number of cases reached from 253 to 306. The Russian Postal Company temporarily stopped its cargo services to 15 countries, and some cinemas interrupted their activities.

Quarantine was declared as part of the fight against coronavirus seen in 19 people in Bolivia. Temporary President Jeanine Anez announced that quarantine will be applied in the country for 14 days starting from Sunday, businesses that meet the basic needs of the people will remain open until noon and one person from every house can go out for shopping.


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