Cupsouls: Animation dreams of Dark Souls


The 64 Bits channel, responsible for producing various parodies of the gaming world, shared on their social networks an incredible animation imagining how the punitive Dark Souls and Cuphead would meet.

The short video, presented in a trailer format, shows in detail how Solaire de Astora and the protagonist knight of Dark Souls would face their biggest nightmares, but with the cartoonish visuals of Cuphead. Heroes take on the role of cup heads and go through countless striking scenarios from the souls trilogy, including Firelink Shrine and other areas familiar to fans.

And as both games stand out for the strong presence of bosses and giant enemies, the colossal monsters of the From Software saga could not be missing. Names like Ornstein and Smough, Gaping Dragon, Najka, Sif – with an epic transformation, of course – and High Lord Wolnir come up with incredible designs in the video, as well as some striking creatures that marked almost 10 years of franchise. Check out the trailer below.

What did you think of Cupsouls? Would you like to see the crossover between these two peculiar universes? Leave your answer in the comments.


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