Cuphead DLC Boss Fight Gameplay Finally Revealed 5 Years After Release


During Summer Game Fest 2022, a gameplay trailer for the final DLC for Cuphead, The Delicious Last Course, was presented. In a cartoon indie game developed by Studio MDHR, players run and shoot through a series of dynamic levels to defeat various bosses. and collect their souls. Delicious Last Course DLC will be released at the end of June, and Summer Game Fest has given Cuphead fans a whole new take on the upcoming content.

Released back in 2017, Cuphead is an old–school shooter styled after the classic “rubber nose” animation of the mid-1900s. Game task – the titled Caphead will collect the souls of escaped debtors after losing at the Devil’s casino. Kaphed’s brother Magman can also be controlled to play together for two players, and role-playing elements allow players to discover and use unique abilities over time. Back in 2018, Studio MDHR announced the Delicious Last Course expansion for the game, which will add a lot of new content, and the DLC release date for Cuphead is finally approaching.

During the Summer Game Fest 2022, a brand new game trailer for The Delicious Last Course expansion from Cuphead was presented. The long-awaited expansion introduces a new playable character, Miss Chalice, as well as completely new levels and unique bosses. The game is already looking better than ever, and during the show it was revealed that players will be able to explore the largest Cuphead island.

It’s time for a real cold thriller!!

A fresh exclusive screening at #SummerGameFest, admire the brand new gameplay from The Delicious Last Course. Introducing… Mortimer Freeze in a Snow Cult brawl!

The Delicious Last Course will be the last element of Cuphead’s in-game content, but the Studio MDHR adventure has already spawned many additional products. For example, the board game Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice allows a group of players to team up and work together to defeat evil bosses. The tabletop title transfers in-game mechanics to the board with features such as Wallop cards and EX-dice. Cuphead also inspired Netflix to create an animated series called The Cuphead Show!, in which Cuphead and Magman experience various misadventures in the style of digital animation.

Hungry Cuphead fans have been waiting for The Delicious Last Course to appear for a long time, and now the last dish of the game is almost ready. The DLC seems to offer more of what fans love, with a new gameplay trailer showcasing beautiful levels and scary bosses that reflect the old-school rubber nose animation style. Players ready to plunge into A delicious last dish, you should prepare your forks, because the supplement comes out of the oven on June 30.