Cult of the Lamb tells Players how to create a cult in the new trailer


The Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike game in which the player assumes the role of a sheep rescued from sacrifice by a strange creature. Despite the fact that the game has a really cute aesthetic, the developers of the massive monster have discussed the use of cartoon style with the cult of the Lamb as a contrast to its horror elements, similar to TV series such as Beyond the Garden Wall. In addition to the horror theme allowing the player to travel to a procedurally generated world to destroy rival cults, it also allows him to create his own collection of parishioners.

This mechanic has been demonstrated in the new “Cult of the Lamb” trailer, which almost acts as a guide to creating a cult. To begin gathering followers, the player must first destroy a rival cult by exploring the Lamb’s roguelike cult element. After the false prophet of this cult is finished, it will be possible to recruit a new follower of the cult of the player. When a new follower gets acquainted with the cult, the player can customize his new parishioner as he sees fit.

link: The release date of “The Cult of the Lamb” has been announced

Things like the follower’s name and appearance can be changed. Each cult addition will also have a unique trait, but examples of this are not given in the trailer. Essentially, gathering followers in this new Devolver Digital title sounds like a more creepy version of getting new villagers in Animal Crossing, except for a little more customization options. Followers can give the player the power of daily sermons and will follow different rules depending on the chosen cult doctrine.

If the first step in developing a cult is to attract followers, then the second step in the “Cult of the Lamb” trailer is to make sure that loyal followers are rewarded. Players can do this by treating their followers to grand feasts, giving them gifts, or even marrying them. If the pack is happy, then the shrine in the center of the player’s base will shine with devotion. However, if things are not going so well in the cult, some may become unfaithful.

In the Cult of the Lamb, infidels can be fought in various ways. There are methods of re-education to bring an unfaithful follower back into the pack, but there is also always the possibility of feeding an unfaithful follower to a tentacled monster, as demonstrated in the initial revelation of the Lamb Cult. It seems that these darker rituals will also have their advantages in increasing the player’s strength, perhaps making the idea of sacrificing a loyal follower much more tempting.

The Cult of the Lamb will be released on August 11, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.