Cult of the Lamb: Devolver Indie Brings Fluffy and Demonic Sheep


Cult of the Lamb: During today’s Gamescom 2021 (25), Devolver announced its new game, Cult of the Lamb, a game that seems to have action mechanics (and dungeon crawler) with very curious elements: a fluffy sheep is sacrificed in a cult and if makes a demonic – and very cuddly – ​​warrior who must lead the other animals he sets free along the way.

In Cult of the Lamb, the player-controlled lamb is saved by a supernatural being and, in order to pay off his life’s debt, must welcome new followers for a macabre cult. As you explore dungeons and take the word of your religion to new locations, you must return to base to bolster your followers’ faith, create new structures, and further evolve your camp. Check out the trailer:

Amidst the repeating cycle of fighting enemies and improving the base, the player must make decisions with his followers that Devolver says will affect whether they will love him or fear him.

Cult of the Lamb arrives in 2022 on consoles and PC, but without major details.