Culkin supports Trump’s removal from Forgot Me 2


Macaulay Culkin recently spoke about the “campaign” for fans of the movie They Forgot Me 2: Lost in New York, by agreeing to exclude Donald Trump from the 1992 feature. On Twitter, the actor showed support for users who they ask for that issue, by responding approvingly to a comment on the removal and by saying they are convinced, in another publication, of a replacement montage for the US president.

Regarding the context of the scene with Trump, at a certain point in the film, Culkin’s character asks him for location information inside the Plaza Hotel, where he is the owner. Regarding this special appearance, Chris Columbus, director of the feature, recalled last year that the then executive allowed the production to record at the establishment only if he won an appearance.

The director agreed and revealed that when filming started, people applauded when Trump appeared, as he is already a well-known figure. “So I said to my editor:‘ Leave it in the movie. It is a moment for the public ’”, he told Insider.

Despite saying that the scene should remain – as it is a reason for discussion that leads people to watch the film -, so far he has not commented on the case again, given the recent events involving the US president.

In 2019, CBC, Canada’s television channel, claimed to remove Trump’s appearance on broadcasts in the country for many years, before he was elected president, something he even noted. However, they reported that the decision was not the result of political issues, but because of time and schedule problems.

At the time of the declaration, the change was noticed by Trump and generated a text on Twitter: “I think Justin [Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada] does not like me very much to make him pay for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and fees. trade. The film will never be the same again! ”.


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