CSI: Vegas: Why the character of Sara is so decisive in her return to the series


For fans of the CSI series since its inception and then each of its spin-offs, we know how decisive that first time we became interested in forensics was, when we became detectives along with Sara and Grissom. Now that these characters have returned to the series, that excitement for solving cases and looking for the culprit of the crime was revived in CSI: Vegas.

The series that began as a program about forensic investigators grew to the point of becoming an empire where the crime scene was a space where the audience and the characters came together to solve the cases that arose, season after season.

This post-pandemic year, the casts of these series have been reinforced and help the CSI: Vegas team with their cases. Characters like Sara Sidle played by Jorja Fox and Gil Grissom played by actor William Petersen returned to the screen after a few years away from it, which is familiar to see them working together again for fans.

Sara’s character is one of the reasons why this franchise decided to bring her back, as her role was fundamental to the success of the series in the beginning. She became a key player for the show because of her personality, her charisma and Fox’s impeccable performance.

The wonderful and emblematic scene of this pair is where Grissom stands at the scene of the crime, immediately recognizes Sara’s voice and issues an enthusiastic vow of confidentiality. “I don’t even have to turn around. Sara Sidle,” he says, a smile on her face, as he turns to the equally delighted Sara. There is almost tacit mutual respect that both researchers profess for the other.

For new fans of the series, they will soon understand why the character of Sara is so decisive and important for this program. Plus you’ll definitely like that Sidle-Grissom chemistry that becomes one of the defining relationships that comes from “CSI” and is now a privilege to witness in CSI: Vegas.