CSI: Vegas: Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle have replacements for Season 2 on CBS


CSI: Vegas, the new version of the successful crime drama that was on the air for 15 seasons until 2015 on the CBS broadcast network, premiered its first installment in October last year, narrating a story from beginning to end over ten episodes, with forensic experts Gil Grissom and Sara Sidler at the helm, the characters of William Petersen and Jorja Fox.

The series that culminated the first season on December 8, 2021, received a renewal for the second installment which will debut in the fall of 2022 according to CBS programming. However, the drama’s next case will not feature the forensic expertise that was a part of the original series and the most recent episodes of CSI: Vegas.

Let us remember that in December of last year, when CBS decided to renew CSI: Vegas, the announcement came with the bad news that William Petersen would no longer be part of season 2. And it was not until January of this year, when Jorja Fox through of a statement revealed that her character Sara Sidle will not work on a new case if it is not with Gil Grissom.

The news was a blow to loyal fans of the CSI: Vegas series. The franchise lost the two most important characters in the original series for a year. However, this Tuesday it was announced that William Petersen and Jorja Fox already have substitutes for the next episodes of the successful series.

According to the Deadline medium, it was reported that CSI: Vegas cast Led Medlin and Ariana Guerra in regular roles on the CBS series. The former will play Beau, who spent the past two decades as one of Dow Chemical’s top research scientists, according to the report. The character decided it was time to do more meaningful work and took a massive pay cut following his heart.

Meanwhile, Guerra will play Serena, who she describes as a tough, diminutive but powerful, tough-skinned cynic. There is no room inside Serena for a filter. Daughter of cops and sister of doctors, Serena isn’t content to let science lead the way without some racy comments and tough questions, says the character breakdown.

On the other hand, with the announcement of the inclusion of two new characters in season 2 of the crime drama, there is also good news. Jay Lee, who had a recurring role on Season 1 of CSI: Vegas as CSI Chris Park, has been upgraded to a series regular for the new episodes. Meanwhile, Matt Lauria, Mandeep Dhillon and Paula Newsome will reprise their characters.